Looking for the perfect, fine diamond jewelry should not be the most difficult thing in the world; however, many people find this to be the case when they search at most retail box store. Here at Fremeau Jewelers you will find that construct to be incorrect. We have gemstone jewelry that can brighten up any jewelry collection. Our antique jewelry has taken us long hours to assemble, but you can benefit from our diligence. We even offer designer jewelry you can only have here because of jewelry design from our master jeweler. Come in today Fremeau Jewelers today to find the gold jewelry you desire.

Fine jewelry will cover all your jewelry needs. It will cover all your jewelry needs whether you want to design jewelry or you just would rather selection from our collection of designer jewelry. We carry a selection of gold jewelry that will have anything you desire.

When looking for a look that you can rest assured will last generations, you should look through our selection of antique jewelry. Antique jewelry has already been around for decades and sometimes even generations. It does not matter what you want we have a selection for you.

Come in to see how our fine diamond jewelry collection can fulfill your jewelry needs here at 78 Church Street,  Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video. http://www.fremeaujewelers.com/

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