Your custom jewelry location is a place where you can find head turning jewelry at your finger tips, and that place is here at  Butler jewelers. We have talented jewelers who can help your create handmade jewelry that will show you how much of the inventory of a box store will pale in comparison. You should have the custom made jewelry you desire instead of what everyone else has. Stop by Butler Jewelers to find the unique men’s jewelry you can walk out with today.

Custom jewelry often starts as nothing more than a jewelry repair order; however, when the customer comes in to discuss what should be addressed, our master jeweler is able to show them the ease in which a new look could be created. It would not take much to remove the stones and recreate an entire look. After the initial seeds have been planted, it only takes a sketch or rendering to see how much custom jewelry will fit in to your jewelry box. With using existing jewelry, you will be able to pass down your jewelry for generations. Who looks at their broken jewelry as an heirloom? However, it is not that difficult of a path once you meet with our talented staff. Take the leap today and create a custom jewelry look.

Come in to see our talented staff and how they can help you find the unique gemstone jewelry you have been searching for here at 1303B E. 1st St., Vidalia, GA, 30474, Ph 912.537.3623 Watch this.

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