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Here at Gem Collection, you can rest at ease knowing you are safe with our collection of diamond rings. Drop by today and our excellent staff will help you find perfect gold rings as well as a lavish selection of platinum jewelry. Come in and see the difference a diamond will make as the perfect gift.

Most people shopping for certified diamonds have heard of the four Cs. So, what exactly are the four c’s and why do the matter so much for the person who buys the diamond? Well, the 4c’s determine the quality of the diamond as well as the worth. Let’s take a closer look at these four quality parameters and understand them a little better:

Clarity – refers to the amount of inclusions in the loose diamond. The number, size and shape of the flaws, or imperfections, inside and outside the diamond, determine it. The clarity is expressed by a scale of clarity level. The highest level is F – which means “flawless” diamond (very rare). On the other side of the scale there’s the I3 clarity degree, which indicates a diamond with very notable imperfections. Remember that the clarity of a diamond can change over time.

Color – When discussing the color of a diamond ring, one is not actually talking about the color. Instead, one is means the colorlessness of the stone. A clear diamond is worth more than one that is tinted yellow. The color scale starts at D, E, F, G, H and I levels, which represent colorless (transparent) diamond, D being the most colorless. Certified diamonds that come in green, blue or pink are call fancy diamonds.

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