Nick T Arnold Jewelers
3630 Frederica St
Owensboro KY 42301

Ph (270) 686-8463

Arnold Jewelers is your place for all your Wedding Jewelry. We carry a large selection to choose. Stop by today to find your perfect bridal bands, anniversary rings or even diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings have long revealed that one is no longer single. It also signifies that a couple is committed and plans to marry. This long history adds to the symbolism of an engagement ring.

Around the world, the custom of exchanging engagement rings exists. It does change from a man giving a woman a ring to the woman giving the man a ring, or even both exchange rings to show their commitment to each other. The length of an engagement period differs between cultures as well. No matter your background we have a beautiful collection for you to find the perfect expression of your love and commitment.

Stop by today and our expert staff will assist you in finding the perfect bridal jewelry.

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