Fremeau Jewelers is your diamond destination. We have carried diamond jewelry for over one and half centuries. During this time, we have insightful knowledge that we have pasted down over the generations about loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Therefore, we are your diamond location for all your diamond needs. We can help you find the perfect loose diamond or colored gemstone for a custom designed look that will absolutely stun. We also carry an array of fine diamond jewelry that you can peruse today. Furthermore, we can assist you with all your diamond questions today, so come in to see what a diamond store truly can be.

Fremeau Jewelers is the certified diamond store of Vermont. We carry such an assortment of cuts and colors you can find whatever type of diamond you want. Fancy diamond (diamonds that are colored: blue, green, vibrant yellow and pink) can make any jewelry extraordinary. These diamonds have the name fancy since when jewelers speak of the color of a diamond they refer to the colorlessness of it. The perfect color of a diamond is completely absent of color. All that you will see in the diamond is the brilliance of the cut that will give it the flashes of fire when the light reflects and refracts throughout the stone, which is why the term fancy must be added when talking about a diamond with beautiful color because there are diamonds with ugly or muddled color that is prevalent in diamond mines and they are a dreary yellow or brown; in addition, these muddled colored diamonds tend to have cloudy clarity lowering the value even more because after color and cut, the clarity and carat weight will determine the value of a diamond.

Drop in Fremeaus,, where our stunning collection of diamonds both loose and set will amaze you. You can find the perfect diamond for any gift today. We are located at 78 Church Street, BurlingtonĀ  VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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