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Athens GA 30606

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Stop by Chandlee Jewelers to see our stunning collection of fine jewelry today. We have a friendly and helpful staff that will assist you in all your jewelry needs. Whether it is an anniversary ring or engagement ring, we have the ring for you. Finding the perfect platinum jewelry seems like a difficult task, yet we will take the stress out.

Even though there are all kinds of different diamond shapes, you will be able to choose one when you see the one you want for your fine diamond jewelry. If you are looking at buying a diamond then you need to look at all the different shapes before you just choose any shape. You need to know what you need when it comes to buying a special stone.

It is difficult sometimes to ascertain what type of stone to purchase for someone else, but don’t worry our staff will help you find the gold jewelry. As in engagement ring many normal women just want a round stone. Others may want a fancy shape and romantic women may just want a heart shaped diamond other than round. See our collection of platinum jewelry.

When you look at gold rings another thing to consider when one is seeking to buy a stone should be the shape and size of the woman’s hand. If she has skinny long fingers and hands then she will look good wearing a round or pear shaped stone. You wouldn’t want to buy a stone like that for women with stubby fingers and hand it will look too big on her little hands. You will just need to get something that will fit her and that she will like and remember you forever.

Come by today see how easy to find the perfect fine jewelry here at Chandlee Jewelers.

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