Fine diamond jewelry is difficult to find at most retail jewelry stores, yet this is not the case at The Gem Collection. We have a selection of gemstone jewelry that will make your shopping experience difficult only because we have such a collection of gold jewelry you will have trouble choosing. If you are tired of antique looks and want something modern, we can help you create a jewelry design that will turn heads. Come in to see our amazing selection of designer jewelry.

Fine jewelry will vary from costumer to costumer it is said; however, while will appreciate this sentiment, we do not believe it is true. Fine jewelry has certain characteristics that separate it from other, less jewelry. One aspect of fine gold jewelry is quality metal. You should look for the karat of the gold. The karatage of the gold refers to the amount of gold mixed with another alloy. Gold is often mixed with silver or copper, depending if it is yellow or white gold. Gold will come in different karat percentages, and our amazing selection of gold jewelry includes 14K and 18K.

Stop by The Gem Collection or visit so you can find fine diamond jewelry that will meet your desires at our location here at 3501 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309, Ph (850) 893-4171. Click Here.

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