Many jewelry stores advertise custom jewelry in Louisville, and it means they will order your handmade jewelry in Louisville from a catalog. At Brundage Jewelers, we do the real custom made jewelry in Louisville to create for you a truly one of a kind piece to reflect your taste and personality. It does not matter the reason for custom designed jewelry in Louisville, you will have the perfect gift.

Bring us your old gems or out of date pieces, so we can transform them into exciting new handmade jewelry in Louisville. And of course, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

No matter if you have a piece to custom refurbish into a dazzling new design or would like to start from scratch, we will turn your dream in to unique jewelry in Louisville. We keep a broad selection of sizes, price ranges and types of gemstones in stock, but can also get whatever you may have in mind- everything from basics to exciting choices that are sure to make handmade jewelry in Louisville anyone will love.

Most of our custom designed jewelry in Louisville are created using the lost wax process. In this process, one of our designer goldsmiths will carve a model in hard wax using classic subtractive sculptural techniques. The resulting model will be a perfect rendition of the final piece and offers the ideal opportunity for changing design details prior to casting, guaranteeing total satisfaction with the finished piece. After approval, the wax is invested in plaster, burned out in an oven (the wax is lost), and molten metal is injected into the resulting mold. The piece is then cleaned and finished, adding any stones or pearls that might be part of the design.

Each of our jewelers has decades of experience, designing, making and repairing jewelry. We have the best trained jewelers in Kentucky. Therefore, have today begin the design process on handmade jewelry in Louisville for your loved one here at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY.

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